FiA Trailheads Microfleece Ponytail Hat & Neck Warmer Gift Set (Black)
FiA Trailheads Microfleece Ponytail Hat & Neck Warmer Gift Set (Black)
FiA Trailheads Microfleece Ponytail Hat & Neck Warmer Gift Set (Black)

FiA Trailheads Microfleece Ponytail Hat & Neck Warmer Gift Set (Black)

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Microfleece Ponytail Hat & Neck Warmer Gift Set

  • RUNNING GIFT SET - perfect for winter runners and outdoor enthusiasts, this beanie and neck warmer pairing protect your head and face from the wind and cold. 
  • PONYTAIL BEANIE - our integrated loop opening is perfect for mid-low ponytails 
  • CONTOURED NECK WARMER - the shape of the neck warmer allows for full neck coverage and enables you to pull it up over your nose and mouth as a facemask when needed. 
  • SOFT MICROFLEECE - this cozy fleece hat and neck warmer will feel smooth, soft and warm against your skin.


        Microfleece, Macro Comfort


        With our microfleece ponytail beanie and neck warmer winter long runs have never been cozier. Keep the chill at bay with a contoured neck warmer that will easily tuck into your windbreaker, locking out cold air. When you need extra protection pull the neck warmer up to become a face mask keeping your nose and cheeks warm. 

        The neck warmer is single layer microfleece which will keep you warm without overheating as you run, hike, or spend time outside. 

        The soft black ponytail beanie offers full ear coverage with a double layer earband for additional insulation where you need it most. The integrated loop design means you can pull your ponytail out to keep your hair controlled and off of the back of your neck. This winter hat works best for mid-low ponytail wearers. 

        The fleece is moisture wicking to help draw sweat away from your skin and keep you dry. Together this combo form the perfect winter workout solution to keep you safe from the cold while allowing you to stay outside.


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