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FiA 2017 Blue Ridge Relay Shirt Pre-Order


2017 FiA Blue Ridge Relay Race Design:

For the fourth year in a row, FiA Nation is honored to be a part of the Annual Blue Ridge Relay Race. This year, nearly 30 FiA runners, including two Ultra Team (6-runners each) will tackle the 208 miles from Virginia to North Carolina along this scenic route. As the runners climb and descend hills, they will be followed by the team's trusted vans, full of all life's necessity. Many memories will be made along the roads and in the vans and this logo is meant to capture the beauty and simplicity of this experience.     
~ Design by Drive By and Big Bad Wold, FiA CLT Metro


Order Due Date: All purchases must be made before the order due date 10/09/2017. 


Delivery Date: Orders will be produced and delivered by early-November.

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Front logo: FiA logo in white and teal
Back logo: FiA 2017 Blue Ridge Relay logo