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Winter Workout Layering Guide

Are you staying warm? Malko here, and I know it’s difficult to get enthusiastic about a predawn workout once colder weather arrives. I also know what it's like to show up to a FiA workout (actually, F3 for me) only to find out I had miscalculated how to dress for said colder weather.

It took a few weeks of trial and error before I completely ironed the guesswork out of my winter workout attire. In my case, I realized that if I wasn't a bit cold at the start, I'd be way overdressed 10 minutes into the workout. Ultimately, it came down to layering. So, I put together a layering guide for my F3 brothers. I then wanted to do the same for FiA Nation, but it would require a little recon.

After asking enough ladies how they’re doing it, we came up with this handy dandy layering guide to help you brave the winter workouts.


Above 55 °F

It's going to be cool at first, but things are going to warm up quickly. All you're going to need is a short sleeve performance tee and shorts. Go with a long sleeve tee shirt if you run cool.


50-55 °F

Lower fifties is when many FiA like to switch out that short sleeve jersey for a comfortable long sleeve shirt. This provides just a little extra core warmth. A hat will provide some added warmth, but you'll probably realize you don't need it a few minutes into the workout. You don't really need gloves for warmth either, but the Madgrip Gloves are great for protecting hands from the brittleness that often comes with the cold.


45-50 °F

As we dip below 50, let’s go with the long sleeve over a fitted short sleeve for a nice one-two combo punch.Shorts are still good in this temp, but you may want to step up to a pair of mid-weight gloves like these Mechanix Thermal Knit Dip Gloves. A hat still works well.


40-45 °F

Many of our ladies are still wearing shorts at this point, while rocking MudGear compression socks to cover up some more skin. It's going to feel brisk before the heart rate kicks in to warm you up. An easy-on-easy-off layer is the FiA Sport-Tek Full-Zip Jacket over a short or long sleeve shirt. You’ll also want to up your headwear to something that covers your ears like the FiA Fleece Headband.


30-40 °F

The lower we get in the thirties, the more sweatpants become a must. Up top, we’re ready for the triple threat:  a fitted short sleeve, under a fitted long sleeve, under a fleece vest that warms the core while keeping your arms free. Feel free to peel off layers as the workout heats up, but don’t forget your Fleece Beanie and Cold Condition gloves.


Below 30 °F 

Definitely sweatpants with maybe even some tights underneath. As for shirts, we’re not trying to add an infinite number of layers. Instead, at this point, we’re just trying to add the warmest layers possible. A long sleeve shirt under a fleece pullover should do the trick, but you can always add a vest or light jacket for that final layer of protection. Thermal Beanie. Cold Condition gloves. If there will be a windchill, add a buff on the neck that you can pull over your mouth and nose.

Again, these are just some suggestions that seem to be working for women throughout FiA Nation. We're always interested in knowing what's working for you in your region. Sound off on Twitter / @FiaGear 

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